Friday, April 27, 2007

A favorite picture

I was looking through some photos to find something somewhat interesting to share. I have to remember to take some photos of some cards tomorrow during the day so that they turn out better. This picture I took awhile ago, but really like it. We did a similar thing for the centerpieces at our wedding (using the coffee beans as our color was chocolate brown). A few of my favorite things in that picture - gerberas, coffee and simple!

I am trying to do things much more simply. For me, this means practical things, one of them being keeping a list. I'm finding that with all the little distractions that there can be, I'm not accomplishing as much as I want as quickly as I want. When I am in work at home mode, I try to write down the items I want to do. There is so much satisfaction in checking things off as they are done on the whiteboard in our office. In fact, I'm off to check one more off as I finish this blog entry.

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Starr Mercer said...

I love this photo too...great one!