Saturday, October 16, 2010

Painting Fun

The best part about not being caught up with blogging?? Lots of options to post from! In the summer, my daughter G and I did some finger painting. Take a look!

It started with 3 bowls of flour and water (equal parts)...

And some fun colors of food coloring...

To make beautiful colors to "paint" with...

And you get a happy daughter, full of mess, laughs and smiles. Makes it all worth it!

Only a couple of notes for next time. Not sure if cornstarch would work as well. Once her painting dried, it just crumbled, so we had to toss it. I planned on cutting it up and sending it to her grandparents. Also, I carried her up to the bath in a towel...and I still have small flour balls in the towel that I cannot get out. Oops! But overall so FUN! It reminds me that I've got to do this again this week!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wire Shelves

We have a huge pantry on our main floor (its like a closet, so not deep, but long shelves). They are those metal wire types. There is so much wasted space in it, so I'm on a mission to organize and gain more space so we can put everything behind closed doors and not on the counter!

I thought the simple ways with cans was to get some of those stacking shelves like these.

But nope! Not when your shelves are full of holes!

Anyone have a better/ cheap solution? I thought of putting planks of wood, but I'm afraid they will be too heavy when you add the cans/ pantry items on top. Then I thought of piecing together cardboard...but that doesn't look too good! And your pantry has to look good, right??

Take a look at this one for inspiration. Mine won't be this nice! But organized. Is that too much to ask??

Saturday, October 9, 2010


So it has been over 2 years since I last posted on this blog. TWO YEARS! Wow. Hasn't felt that long, but so much has happened! I didn't want my "relaunch" post to be the typical 'this is what I've been doing' and 'this is what I want to do with this blog', but really, that's what this post is! It can only go up from here!

So in the last two years...we found out I was pregnant, moved back to Calgary, lived with my parents until our home in Medicine Hat sold, bought a house in Calgary, gave birth to our adorable daughter, moved into our house in Calgary (so if you are keeping track - yes, we lived with my parents when my daughter was born for a month!), my husband changed his job, I've ha a couple of (very) part time jobs, celebrated my baby's 1st Birthday, and you know, just the day-to-day things! So now you are practically caught up.

And the obligatory (is it, or is it just the easiest 'first post' ever?) "what is this blog about?". Anything. Whatever I feel like posting. Can be craft related. Parent related. Home decor related. Marriage related. Faith related. Photography related. Really anything. Whatever. Whenever. No pressure on myself for how frequent I post.

So welcome or welcome back!