Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Color Challenge - Black

Okay, so I think I figured out what I might have been doing wrong in terms of posting a photo. I am here to try again to post my color challenge pictures for black. I thought it would be an easy color to take, but it ended up being hard in terms of finding a photo that was interesting enough to capture.

We spent the weekend in Edmonton visiting some friends. One of our friends lives in this great loft and it is decorated with black and silver throughout. I thought I would take some pictures there for this challenge. Here they are.

Here is my friend Laura and I. We are nicknamed Laura North and Laura South, depending on where we leave. Helps keep things organized. The next time we see Laura and Jon it will be in their new house, so that's exciting.


Laura said...

Hey!! Great weekend- it was awesome seeing you. Thanks for coming up to celebrate! THe pictures for black turned out really well!
Laura North(!!)

Dee-Ann said...

The pictures are great! Thanks for particpating in this challenge each week -I am always excited to see what you have! Was it coincidental that you and Laura(North) were wearing black for the picture? (LOL)