Sunday, April 15, 2007

Color Challenge Week 5 - Green

So this week is supposed to be "Granny Smith Apple" green. I've decided to keep my challenges simple, and really just do the general color - not really worried if it fits with the crayon name (maybe one day). This challenge is so fun and I encourage you to try it out (I don't think it matters if you join part way, just see Dee-Ann's blog or more information). It really makes you look at things around you in color and think about how that color relates to your life. I took a few green photos this week.

This is a key lime pie my mom made awhile back (when the challenge started). I liked the color, so took a picture anticipating the green week. It was for St. Patrick's day so she used food coloring to enhance the green.

The next photo is one of a plant that my old place of work gave me when my grandma passed away a couple years ago. I love the color with the red pot, I love how the plant is still doing well and growing quickly and I love how it is a little reminder of my grandma, whom I miss tons.

And the last photo is of kermit and a green flipper we have. I know it seems random, but the reason is an old student I used to work with loved kermit. I got to know the family pretty well and as a part of a shower gift, the mom gave me the flipper because it was kermit green and would remind me of them everytime I use it (which is totally does!). Mesh has a kermit in his car which I borrowed for the photo.

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Dee-Ann said...

I am so glad you are getting enjoyment from this challenge - I love checking in each week to see what you have come up with!