Thursday, June 28, 2007


I wrote a post ages ago and saved it. Now it is below the lavender and brown post, scroll down to see.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Color Challenge - Lavender and Brown

I'm a little behind on the challenges. This one was two colors in one so I found it a little harder. Plus, lavender is probably the only color that I haven't paired up with brown. So I took some of the ribbon (actually was used at our wedding) and paired it on Stampin' Up!'s cardstock, Lavender Lace and called it done. Here it is:

It is supposed to be vertical, but don't know how to change it on here (so frustrating). So I guess its okay that way.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hit's Changes

Wowsa - I haven't posted in forever! In fact, I had this post below to share that I wrote at the start of June and just haven't done it! In case I haven't lost all my is a new post!

I know I haven't posted for a bit, but I do have a reason (not an excuse). It was pretty much after my last post (so you know how recent!) that we found out we are moving! And not just within our city! We are moving to Medicine Hat (about 3 hours from where we are now). My husband Mesh will be starting a new job out there right away (actually he already started). It is bittersweet right now - excited to move on out of this holding pattern, get to live in the same city as our good friends James & Sharon (and their great kids), sad to leave family and friends here, sad to leave the familiarity of this city!

For my Stampin' Up! customers, more details will be given in my next newsletter. Working on that in between getting our house ready to sell and going to find a new house to live in! I think my stamping stuff will be one of the last things to pack, if possible, so hopefully I will still be making some stuff to post (even though it is rare lately!).

And now an update from today - we have sold our house (didn't take long at all) and just found out last night that the house in MH has gone throgh and we have waived our conditions. It is a great house and look forward to some visits from our friends and family there! We move in a month exactly, so lots of packing and getting ready to do.

I haven't stamped in a long time, gonna see if that can happen within the next little bit. My second upline has a meeting tonight - I'm hoping that will re-energize me to create some things. I am also way behind on the color challenge - I'm gonna try to catch up today. Thanks for sticking with me!!