Thursday, March 29, 2007

We are home

It was good to be away...and good to be home. I had a great time with my inlaws. Here's a funny story from our trip. My mother-in-law was asking what words I know in Hindi/ Fijian. I was naming off a bunch that I know (supper, water, white, some food names and a few others). I learnt a new word this week that means "spicy/ hot" (its tita - I have no idea how to spell it). They asked me to make a sentence with all the words I knew so I said, "This kaana (food) is tati". Mesh (my husband) couldn't believe what I said and they were laughing. His sweet mom was laughing too - apparently I pronounced it wrong. Instead of saying "spicy" I said "crap" - the words are so similar. It was an honest mistake, yet I can add another word to my list now.

Can't wait to see them next time.

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