Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our backyard

On the long weekend, I saw our trees start to bud into flowers. It was quite exciting. And the next day, our tree exploded with beautiful blooms. I am so glad I took a photo before we left for Ottawa because when we got home - all the pretty flowers were on the ground! Not sure what happened - a friend said that because spring was later this year, it could be that the season was just shorter. I am said, but glad to have photos to remember! It has been so fun watching our plants grow this year as we moved into this house late summer last year, so everything was going down hill (especially in our Medicine Hat heat!).

This one is nearly all gone - just the nice burnt red leaves are left.

I cannot wait for the peonies to bloom! They are my favorite and I have been waiting for them since we bought the house!

This one feels so cool - kind of like rubber!

Bleeding Hearts I think - I 'm so proud for knowing a few plant names!

This is one is one of the ones with all the flowers that have fallen off. It was beautiful and now looks like it snowed under the tree with all the white petals.

Our lilac bush!

I thought this one was a lilac tree, but am suprised that the purple one is still going strong, but this white one is all gone. Maybe it is just the variety.

Mesh and I so proudly planted this annuals in our front little patch. We were nervous that they wouldn't survive as we don't know what we are doing. We were sure to take some photos as proof in case they didn't, but so far, they look great. We are so proud!

Edited to add: I took a photo today (June 1) to see how our flowers have grown and the progress they have made. I think it's cool to see them grow!

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Marie Cramp said...

Don't you just love Spring? Check out my blog to see the flowers that were blooming on my tree, I am in Calgary. I like your cards they are very nice. I hope to come back again soon.