Sunday, June 15, 2008

Last Bootcamp Challenge

Here it is - our last challenge! I found a photo on Pottery Barn's website and this was an inspiration challenge. The challengers were to take inspiration from the photo in any way - the colors, the feel, a certain element or anything else. Be sure to go to the bottom to see the winner!

I planned all the challenges in week 1 and coincidentally, a few weeks afterwards,
Kristina Werner posted a Color Inspiration challenge on her blog with a picture from the same patio set. Check out her link for more inspiration.

Here is Michelle's last challenge. She is great at taking "non scrapbooking" stuff and turning it into a great card or project. The background are pieces from a sample book of lighting films (like photographers would use). Love it!

And Joanne's final challenge card is this one. I love the colors and I love the square card. Nice work Joanne!

This one is my card.

So thank you to Michelle, Laura W and Joanne for participating. Since Joanne and Michelle made it to the end, their names get entered to a draw for the Grand Prize. And the winner is...

...Michelle! She wins the basket above, 20% off your order and the samples that I made during the challenge.

And in 2nd Place (out of two, good odds!) is Joanne! Since you completed everything Joanne, I have a little gift for you too that I will mail.

Nice work ladies, thanks for playing!

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