Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Love

Okay. I've sucked at blogging. I've said it. I'm moving on. I'll update why in a future post. But beware...a bunch of posts will be coming your way. Tonight, I plan on getting a schwack done and scheduling them!! WHEW!

But, to go with the theme of today...I'll share what we did for Valentine's. Here's my Valentine's girl!

I don't really "believe" in this holiday, but since Gracie has come, I figure lets make a special day. Days are fun to plan when they have a theme, so we went with it. Since G is only 1, I didn't feel the need to put all her food into hearts! Phew - bypassed that for a year.

We had homemade waffles (in circles!) for breakfast with RED strawberries. We had decorated our door with hearts that I cut out of vinyl on my cricut machine. We made cookies as I am on snack tomorrow for our affinity group that meets. Gracie worked on a card for daddy. And did a
special dinner with heart straws in our drinks and on red placemats. See, I told you we don't go
all out!

We didn't make these today, but Gracie helped make them a few days ago to give to some of her friends we will see today and tomorrow. She did help with the tag!

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