Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ottawa & Montreal Highlights

This past weekend, my husband and I went to Ottawa and Montreal for a few nights. One of my good childhood friends was getting married. My parents (also friends with the family) went as well, so it was a great time spending time with them. We had a blast and I thought I would share some photos. Mostly scenery though - I spent a lot of time clicking photos outside the car window and was pleasantly surprised how many turned out!

The parliament building:

Some wedding photos (I didn't really get any good ones to share). It was a big greek wedding (my first one) and it was really cool!

My husband and I on the way to the wedding (our hotel was right across the river!)

The bride Michelle and I. She looked gorgeous!

I love peonies! So beautiful

We went to Montreal as well. It was fun seeing the signs in French. I was in the car when I took this one and these people were laughing at a tourist (me) taking photos out of the car. So I tried to do it subtle, and barely made the picture!

Some photos of us (my parents and I)

And here are my parents and Mesh

We visited a couple churches in Montreal - beautiful!

Kindof a random photo of some chicken wings that Mesh had, but I really liked the photo!

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