Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wire Shelves

We have a huge pantry on our main floor (its like a closet, so not deep, but long shelves). They are those metal wire types. There is so much wasted space in it, so I'm on a mission to organize and gain more space so we can put everything behind closed doors and not on the counter!

I thought the simple ways with cans was to get some of those stacking shelves like these.

But nope! Not when your shelves are full of holes!

Anyone have a better/ cheap solution? I thought of putting planks of wood, but I'm afraid they will be too heavy when you add the cans/ pantry items on top. Then I thought of piecing together cardboard...but that doesn't look too good! And your pantry has to look good, right??

Take a look at this one for inspiration. Mine won't be this nice! But organized. Is that too much to ask??

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