Sunday, November 4, 2007


I have always wanted to take a cake decorating course. I knew nothing (before this course) about cake decorating and thought it would be fun to know for our (future) kids and also for my wedding planning business, Noteworthy Designs.

It was 4 weeks long at Michael's and we made 3 cakes to decorate. Here are mine (please remember, they are my first 3 cakes I have ever done). Oh, and crappy photos I took to boot!

My very first cake. Way too thick of icing, but fun to do!

Creepy clowns but it was still okay. Michelle is a lady who I work with that had her birthday on the day I was bringing this cake into work to eat.

Our final cake - I was very happy with how my roses turned out - they came a long way from the cabbage looking things I started with.


Nancy said...

Great cakes, Laura! I did the class a few years ago with some girlfriends... too bad I never have a reason to use what I learned with a family of all boys!!

Anonymous said...

Love the cakes Laura. I especially like the roses.

Anonymous said...

I am currently taking the first wilton cake dec. class, however my roses are flaky and turning out like cabbages. Any suggestions?? Were yours like that in the beginning, and did u use a hand mixer or a kitchenaid