Friday, November 9, 2007

Birthday Cards

My birthday was over a month ago, but I have finally taken some photos of the handmade cards that I received to share with you. Thank you to all of those who sent me some birthday wishes!

A birthday RAK from Jacqueline (Cookiehead on SCS):
Another birthday card from a fellow stamper at SCS, Mama Kim:

And one more birthday RAK from SCS - Leesa Berry:

My friend Sharon and her little daughter made this one (and a very yummy almond pound cake):

My dear dear husband made this card. He is quite creative and it shows in his papercrafting abilities as well. He likes to say "Ola", hence the cut out circle in the front for the "o" and the hand written "la" inside the card - he did have to explain that one to me. I thought he just gave up writing my name after the la. Go figure. And on the back, he signed it 'Meshed together cards" as his name is Mesh - quite creative, isn't it?!?

My sister made this cool card:

And my birthday was the same weekend as Thanksgiving this year and my parents came here for the weekend. This was a thank you card for hosting them.

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