Saturday, May 12, 2007

Entertainment in Calgary

For Christmas, Mesh and I were given some gift certificates to two different theaters here in Calgary. We redeemed them and they happend to be in the same week! Both shows were excellent and I would recommend them if you are in the city.

At Stagewest we saw "Canadian Explosion" It was awesome to hear all the different songs that were written by Canadians! Very fun.

Then last night we went to Vertigo theater and saw "Shear Madness". There were some very funny parts and they have extended the show for 2 weeks. It was very funny - my parents have season tickets to this theather and they happened to have their night the same night we booked ours. So we enjoyed dinner and hitched a ride with them (with a parking pass to boot!). We scored big time!

Thanks to my aunt and my sister for the gift certificates so that we could enjoy something different!

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