Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas cards made from the heart

I thought I would share the Christmas cards that we received that our friends and family made. I love receiving cards of any sort and handmade ones make them especially special. Happy 2008!!

A cute card (and photo of their new little girl) from my friend and ex-coworker, Tanya, Kelly and Ava.

Love the colors in this one from one of my customers and friend, KaraLyn and her family.

So shimmery and beautiful! From my friend Meghan and Rich.

I love this set - I should've bought it from the mini! This is from our friend Andrea and Craig.

I love this faux embossed looked from my friend and downline, Michelle and her family.

My mom makes me so proud - very creative!! This is from my mom and dad.

This is from my friend Laurie, Ben and Chantelle and I love it. So cute!

My sister made this one - I like the little lights on it and the clothespins - so creative with them hanging. Thanks Michelle.

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