Saturday, August 4, 2007

Blog Scattergories

Nancy at Nancy's Creative Mess had this neat little blog thing posted. You basically take the topic and your answer has to start with the same letter as your name. For the boy and girl names - they can't be your own! That'd be cheating!!!

Your Name: Laura
Famous Artist/Band/Musician: Lionel Richie
4 letter word: Luck
Vehicle: Lexus
TV SHOW: Late Show with David Letterman
City/Town: Lethbridge
Boy Name: Levi
Girl Name: Leanne
Occupation: Lawyer
Something you wear: Lingerie
Celebrity: Lucille Ball
Food: Lucky Charms
Something found in a kitchen: Lights
Reason for Being Late: Lost keys
Cartoon Character: Linus Van Pelt
Something You Shout: Look out!

I'll admit, my husband helped! I can't do things under pressure (and that says alot as there a was no pressure to do this!) but he came up with all my good ones!

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Lauren (mytime) said...

That is too funny Laura. You had some great answers! Thanks ofr sharing them with us :D